• Dylan Rogness

Burgeoning Apprenticeship Programs!

Dylan Rogness, the apprenticeship liaison at Missoula College, is working to build the number of Missoula businesses looking for apprentices, as well as the number of students enlisted in the program.

“I’m taking all the programs we have here and figuring out if we can turn them into an apprenticeship program,” he said. “Health care has been really successful and my job now is to expand the employer partnerships and build a pool of apprentices by going to K-12 and plugging the pipeline.”

Before Rogness took the job as the apprenticeship liaison at Missoula College, the school had already made inroads building its accounting tech program – the largest of the school’s apprenticeship programs.

Now, with Rogness focused on the task at hand, the program has expanded to seven business partners, and six of them will have an apprentice by the end of the month.

Under the program, students complete the required on-the-job training alongside an appointed mentor. They also earn a paycheck as they complete their two-year degree."

To read the full article, click the link: https://missoulacurrent.com/um-news/2018/06/apprentice-missoula-college/

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